The Initiative needs support, both moral and financial and we are grateful to the following companies who have been generous and contributed funds to help support IRCI and enable would-be coaches to travel to the country of their choice to begin working with the youngsters.

If you would like to help us advance rugby overseas by joining in with this Initiative, it is easy.

If you have your own business, you can become a sponsor and your company logo will be shown on our website.

You, or your company, can be a Primary sponsor for only £100 (or more!) a year and your logo and telephone number become a hyperlink directly to your own website, making it very easy for visitors to this site to contact you and make use of your company’s services.

Companies, or individuals, can also be a Principal sponsor and pay the whole cost for one, or more, coaching volunteers to work overseas. You will receive all the above benefits of a Primary sponsor and you can also be included in the selection process.

And another thing, classed as advertising,

your IRCI sponsorship is tax deductible!

We hope you will help and please contact us for more information.

Tel: 01554 751032

Tel: 01269 823355

Holiday information for visitors to Wales

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