Are you.… interested in sharing your knowledge of rugby with those playing it at grassroots level overseas?

Do you ... play rugby and already have rugby coaching experience?

Would you…. enjoy providing help and encouragement to youngsters who could well be the rugby stars of the future?

Do you …. enjoy foreign travel?

Would you …. like to enhance your own CV??

If so.... why not play a part in developing rugby internationally?

Read on to find out how to take part in a life changing & enhancing experience...

IRCI was formed to enable anyone, male and female, who has a knowledge of Touch Rugby, or, rugby generally, to spend time in a foreign country and coach rugby at grassroot level, usually under the Touch Rugby International Federation rules.

In Goa, India, thousands of youngsters spend a lot of their spare time enjoying a game of Touch Rugby and other Indian states, too, have their own clubs and teams run by dedicated rugby enthusiasts, including our own Swansea born Bee & Dave Trotter, all giving their time willingly to help, sometimes to very challenged, youngsters, find a new and enjoyable meaning to their lives.

In Kolkata (Calcutta) Mr Paul Walsh MBE is a former UK diplomat who has been working with youngsters for many years and introducing them to the delights of rugby. He formed the Jungle Crows Foundation and has formed associations with many other clubs throughout India. Paul will be working closely with us to ensure that everyone who participates in this innovative scheme will be well looked after and supported while they are in Kolkata.

With rugby being a minority sport in many countries, there has never been a better time to become involved and play a part in the development and promotion of this wonderful sport.

Arrangements for coaching in Sri Lanka and China are now being finalised. Please ask us for more information.

The International Rugby Coaching Initiative is for anyone who is dedicated to the game of rugby and who has knowledge of its rules and would enjoy passing that knowledge on to youngsters who have already decided that playing rugby is what they want to do and, who knows, could become leading players on the rugby world stage. You will mingle with local youngsters and their families and share their lives, providing a wonderful opportunity to experience life from another perspective and help foster greater international understanding.

If you are keen to become involved please contact us to ensure that this great opportunity becomes, for you, an experience never to be forgotten.

We will obtain your international air tickets for you and arrange your accommodation while abroad. You will be met at the arrival airport and given every assistance before being transported to your 'home' for the next few weeks. (Your international flights will be guaranteed under an ATOL licence)

You will have the assurance of being looked after for the whole of your time in the foreign country, by our local partners. In none of the countries where this initiative is undertaken should anyone expect a 5* experience, but everyone will be looked after in basic, clean and comfortable, suitable accommodation, either in a hotel or, perhaps, as a guest with a local family in their own home, from the time you arrive until you depart.

There is no hard and fast rule about how long you should spend sharing your experience with those who are already looking forward to meeting you, but a four week period is recommended.

Initially this new initiative will be confined to India, but eventually it will be rolled out to many other countries and there will be nothing to prevent you travelling to them too.

Our 'Lady in Goa' has said:   "We will appoint our nearest rugby coaches to be their day to day guides & mentors. They will always be accompanied to schools and rugby sessions by at least 2-3 of our coaches, plus all the equipment etc.
Of course we will meet and greet, and organise transfers and transport to sessions. Our coaches usually travel all together anyway whenever possible.
The boys usually visit 1-2 schools a day Monday to Friday (not every coach every day!). Sessions are usually before school, 7-8am, and after school 4-6pm, so the daytime is generally free time. Some schools are visited twice a week.
We have a general / open session every Saturday afternoon when Dave & I take a session for our senior players & coaches, plus anyone who also wants to come along too. We regularly have 50-60 players and again more hands to help will be very welcome! This is usually rounded off with a 45 min game with players rolling on / off and taking it in turns to ref, so visitors on the scheme are welcome to join in here to relax and enjoy some Touch of their own if they wish.
Sundays are off days."

For further information and to register your interest in being a participant in this initiative,

or, to nominate someone else,

please contact us on 01269 823355.

Who can apply to go overseas as a rugby coach ?

You can nominate yourself and should, preferably, be a regular rugby player, or coach, for a local club;

You may be a student studying rugby or sport at university

You are also more than welcome to nominate someone else (but please get their agreement first!) who you think would benefit from involvement in this Initiative and would be an asset to the overseas rugby clubs.

(The usual background checks for those working with youngsters will be carried out)

How is your trip funded?

You can be fully funded through this Initiative

You can pay for the trip yourself, or, you may be able to attract sponsorship through, perhaps, your employer, or, through your own fundraising.

You do not need to wait for us to accrue sufficient funds to send you, if you are able to pay for your own trip you can go at any time.