Beyond rugby

Although the intention of those involved in the International Rugby Coaching Initiative is to develop and maintain contacts with rugby clubs and other bodies who have made it clear to us that their immediate need is coaches - and ‘many’ of them in the words of Paul Walsh - to work with youngsters to increase their rugby skills and interest in the game, there is another aspect to what will be achieved with the help of those whose generosity is ensuring that those youngsters are seeing the arrival of the coaches:  This is the great business opportunities which will arise out of participating in the Initiative.

The Initiative is supported by Swansea City Council.

The prospects in store make today, an ideal time to support the Initiative and thereby enable your company to reach a far larger market than you might have anticipated.

In these rapidly changing times, and as far as the UK is concerned, the uncertainties of Brexit, no avenue should be left unexplored when it comes to seeking out and enhancing business possibilities.

It is now becoming increasingly evident that combining sport and business is one of the best ways to prosper by forging international contacts.

IRCI is very keen to facilitate any ways which will bring this about and as the Initiative grows, we have every expectation that the simple precept upon which it is based will positively affect the abilities of companies to interact with foreign businessmen and companies and thereby increase not only their own business’s success but also the profile of Swansea and Wales.

We foresee that in the fullness of time those companies supporting the Initiative will be happy to send representatives to countries where the Initiative is active, which countries are more than likely to be the financially successful ones in the coming years. As part of an unofficial ‘trade mission’ where the intention is not only to expand business contacts but also to enhance knowledge and understanding of the game of rugby, your company will be in a wonderful position to promote itself in a way not previously available to you.