The history of the Initiative

The International Rugby Coaching Initiative grew directly out of contacts made with rugby clubs and individuals during the course of visits to India and Sri Lanka by Eric Holliday and Peter Rees-Jones the owners of NEI UK Ltd, Wales’ only long haul tour operator specialising, for nearly 25 years, in tours to those two countries where rugby is developing as a sport. China’s involvement is anticipated in the near future.

We could not ignore the voices of those overseas who are clearly dedicated to the game of rugby and the chance to help them improve the playing skills of local youngsters who are already spending much of their time playing rugby.  At the same time this helps rugby’s development in countries where it is still relatively unknown.

The Initiative made a great leap forward when Tony Thomas, who has spent many years being involved with all aspects of rugby, but particularly on the coaching side, came on board. Tony's experience and knowledge of all things rugby are proving to be invaluable.